Aug 032010

Sanford. A unique man.  He has as many miles on a Harley as any biker out there. Maybe more.   One of his lines is “ten thousand miles and a ten thousand dollar bike doesn’t make you a biker”.  My favorite line of his is “let me say this about that”.  Sanford is a project superintendent for a very large construction company.  A construction know-it-all.  In a good way.  He builds stores for me (Maverik).  Thought it would be good to recognize this man.  He gets few “kudos”.  He is one of the very best in his field.


This store is in Buffalo Wyoming.  Maverik’s newest.  Should be opened by NOON tomorrow.



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  2 Responses to “He’s not Just a Biker!”

  1. oh, thats what its supposed to look like! looks great!

  2. The Maverik is a hit in Buffalo! Besides being a great store to shop in, it has brought competitive fuel prices to Buffalo. Thank you!!
    We miss Sanford though, his jokes and funny Sanford’ism’ spin on life kept us smiling all summer long.
    I’m sure he will pass through Buffalo again, as it is the desired route to the rally in Sturgis, and have a cold Bud with “the nice neighbor lady next door”.

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