Aug 142010

Portland, Oregon.  My landing and take off place.  Sunnyside, Washington is three hours from Portland.  I spend little time in Portland.  Just enough time to get a car.  Or check into a hotel by the airport and sleep.  Last night I skipped dinner and took off to see “The Grotto”.  A world famous place of worship for the public.  Owned by the Catholic Church.  I heard the grounds where spectacular. An arboretum and beautiful scriptural statues.  It was well after 7:00 p.m. and did not expect to photograph much.  The Grotto is nestled in a huge trees and a plethora of plant life.

My time was short.  The trail I took was a path lined with brass three dimensional murals/placards.  I was moved to say the least.  The expressions, textures and finishes was incredible.  And the light.  It was perfect.  This first one is a representation of Christ fallen while carrying the cross


This second shot piece blew me away.  The light was falling off and broken by tree limbs and leaves.  Regardless of your personal beliefs this work has an impact.  If you believe in Christ it takes you there.  Some worship in the representation.  Some the actual event.  And others in Christ’s life.  I was moved by the work and it’s beauty.  Especially this night with the light and conditions I witnessed.  I hope to go back soon.


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  1. Thank you ……….

  2. Light = emotion, and you nailed it with these. Very nice captures!

  3. Beautiful. Great photography.

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