Aug 172010

I am NOT a penny pincher.

I have no debt.

I like quality

In an effort to be a “team player” my transportation expectations have changed dramatically.  For many years getting from the plane to the rental car and on the road has been SIMPLE.  The cars have been new.  And I drive with a smile.

The last two weeks have been dramatically different.  Here is an accurate comparison

National Car Rental:                                                          Hertz:

Save $5.00

A wait for a shuttle                                                                                    No wait

A long wait at the counter                                                                        No wait

A long wait for a car (one hour)

Everything in reverse when returning car                                           Drop car in walking distance of Delta

Shuttle back to airport

Why the story?  I have ordered the Nikon 600mm F/4 VR lens.  It’s the Hertz Gold card lens.  Every review talks about it’s incredible tack sharp focus.  Nano coated glass.  Ultra quiet and fast focusing.  The ‘king” for wildlife photography.  No cutting corners or shuttle busses here.  It’s the best of the best.  I hope the wait is not a year or more.  It’s very hard lens to get.  September I will be walking the woods in yellowstone.  I hope to see the lens at the end of the trees before then.


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  1. I really hear you on the “value” of being a team player. Years ago, as a road warrior, my company suddenly relegated me to using a national travel agency to book my travel. I suddenly found myself flying half way around the world (so it seemed) to seemingly local destinations, consuming precious additional days of productivity all in the name of “saving” $50. Travel costs went up as I used discount airlines, car rental agencies and hotel chains. (Yes, I am a Hertz Gold member also, and no money was saved using Budget, Thrifty, National or any of the others for the very reasons you describe).

    Quality is something that is difficult to quantify in the minds of those who control money.

  2. I love this picture Jim!!! It has to be my very favorite!!!! 🙂

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