Sep 062010

May have saved a life!

Friday night found myself on a narrow road on the east side of Bear Lake Utah/Idaho.   At 10:00 P.M. not too many cars.  Brights on.   Incredibly, right in front of the truck dang near in the middle of the road  a big Owl!  I had to investigate.  No response when I pulled up, no response when I walked up, even petting got no response.  This 24″ tall birds head slumped as if un-conscience.   Was he hit by a car?  I pulled a little at his wings and did a quick body check in the head lights of the truck.  My side agreed that we needed to do something.   He rode in the back of the truck till we arrived at our house (at the lake).  We inspected him further in the house.  His one eye was damaged.  He wouldn’t open it.  It was late.  I placed him outside on the deck fully expecting to find him dead in the morning.

Before the sun came up my wife woke me and said look out the window…….here is the view though  the window…..

Owl Morninf After BL

Outside I took this shot.  He had enough strength to get up on the handrail.  But his eye was still closed and he barely kept the other eye open…….

Great Horn on Handrail

When I approached he flew……..

Barn Owl flyover roof

Later at about 10:00 A.M……….

Owl Morning After in tree2

The next morning he moved to another place on the other side of the tree………

Owl in Tree Day 2 close

Close up of BAD eye……

Great Horned Owl Bad Eye Extreme Close

The GOOD EYE………….

Great Horned Owl Eye Extreme Close2

Both Eyes of a beautiful, beautiful animal….

Great Horned Owl Both Eye Extreme Close

This morning a quick check did not produce any sighting of the Big Guy!    I hope he is out tonight.  Hunting, eating and gliding about.  Healthy and strong!

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  1. Cool Jim,
    I’ll have to saym, this is one luck bird to have you pull up on him. Hopefully, he’ll keep rodents and snakes off your property by the lake…

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