Sep 082010

Do eagles eat snakes?  Not sure.

Tonight while driving to Prosser, Washington for dinner with the “biker” the drive was interrupted.  Across the sky just in front of me flew a big bird with a huge snaked dangling below.  As usual when seeing an immediate photo opportunity the rental car brakes were tested.  The eagle landed about 200 yards away.  Did not have the big gun with me to bring the photo close.  Put on the 70-200 and the 2x converter.  Had no time to approach the ensuing  battle in stealth mode.  Shot from the roadside in the car.

Look close. The snake is about 4 feet long and wrapped around the eagle……

Eagle with snake wrap

The pic’s aren’t the best.  Had to crop a bunch.  Thank goodness for VR, digital and Nikon resolution!  So at least the story can be told in pic’s.

The snake bit the eagle……….and the fight began……….

Eagle Snake bite

Eagle Snake fight

The snake made an impression and was the most aggressive and determined.  If the snake was venomous I wonder if it did in fact leave a poisonous gift.

Hopefully another day and another battle!!!!

Eagle Snake get away

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  1. Interesting, as usual. Looking forward to lots of Yellowstone pictures.

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