Sep 262010

I am Home.

It’s good to be home.

Yellowstone always creates memories.  Fortunately pixels recorded all of it.  Yesterday was spent walking up the Madison River then trekking the Fire Hole River.  Several hours.  Some sitting on fallen trees listening to all the sounds of Yellowstone.  Witnessed something that I have never seen seen before.  Probably few have in person.  Alone with the beauty.  A camera, water, and a snack.  My last day taking in as much as possible.

Tree Fall clors border

I go for the wildlife.  And dream of the beauty, quiet and peace.    There just can’t be another place on earth like it.  A national treasure.

mammoth scenic border

Could be called “Coyote Week”.  At least three to four times a day the Coyote and I crossed.  Finally got “that” shot.   It took 7-8 years and one half of a day to get. And always surrounded by colors.


Up before the sun and back to the trailer in the dark.  Not long days.  In fact too short of days.

yellow tree

Part of Yellowstone’s history and future is fires.  A lightning strike started a fire that closed the easiest route from Canyon to Tower and Lamar Valley.   More scenery to be changed.

burned trees

My age and trips to the park have allowed me to witness the effects of fire after 20 years…….but the monument to the fire is still there…….

Holmes mnt border

Back to work tomorrow.  It may take a day or two to get focused.  The mind is clear.   The memory is vivid.   I will always remember the red tail hawk, the coyote, the moose, the elk, the geese, merganser, swan, camp robber, mice, and antelope and ducks, and bears and grizzlies, and…………..

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  1. Can’t wait to see your results. As usual, should be great stuff….

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