Oct 012010

Hayden Valley has some good little hikes.

It’s dry to the west of the main road.  Lots of sage brush.  Probably lots of critters that like dry summer climates are out here.  Mice, snakes, bugs, buffalo, coyote, etc.etc.

Out for a daily walk.  In west Hayden Valley.  About a quarter mile from the road I had the living “heeby jeebys” scared out of me.  Always on  the look out for bears.  In Hayden you can seen far (at least where i go). All of a sudden about 200′ ahead, in the sage brush a Great Blue Heron POPS it’s head up.  Bout wet my pants!  What the heck is a Blue Heron doing out here in the sage brush?

Great Blue Heron Sage head up

Seriously my first thought was that it was a King Cobra or the like!  I froze.  Then he lowered his head slowly.  I very carefully brought out my 600 lens.  Handheld!!!!!  I really wanted a shot.  I Inched forward.  Then looked up again!

Blue heron sage4

What the heck? A bird I have always seen “IN” water.  Fishing.  No fish out here!!!!!!  Really weird.  I guess I have some homework to do.  Why are you out here?

Great Blue Heron Sage head turn border

The lens was soon too heavy to hold.  As I put it back in my backpack the Heron flew off.  I watched through my binoculars.  After a brisk walk and short drive I found the Heron on the Yellowstone River.  More common surroundings…..I hope!

Great Blue Heron on river

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