Oct 032010

This last trip at Yellowstone was a little different.

This article may explain a lot of what was experienced….

Yellowstone Wolves Teach Nature Knows Best

More than half of the third day photographing the “wild” at Yellowstone was spent with a Coyote.  Way off the beaten path.  He was hunting.  I was following.  Needed that perfect exposure.  Perfect background.  And perfect execution by the Coyote.  As one hour turned to two and soon four I was almost out of memory in my CF card.  A total of 98 GB had been burned…….

Then the shot was there.  It was late.  The ISO was turned up to almost 8000 (did that a few times this trip with great results..stay tuned).  Zing, Zing, Zing, Zing…four shots.  Literally the last four of that outing!

Coyote hunt1

Coyote Jump2

Coyote Jump3

Coyote Jump 4

I couldn’t resist the layer blend!!!!

Coyote Jump Pano

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