Oct 072010

I love photographing birds.

They are everywhere.  In Yellowstone while waiting and watching for “that” shot-birds want in on the photography.  They appear and leave quickly.  The trigger hand has to always be ready.

This fella is what most lovingly call “Camp Robber”……

camp robber tree

A little harder to find but always draws a crowd………

Bald Eagle

I spent some time with this Swan.  Drew a crowd.  A beautiful animal and fun to watch………

trumpeter swan

They are definitely everywhere.  I see one on everyone of my trips. Regardless of state from Wyoming to Arizona. They are there.  Hunting, resting, stealing and posing for me………the RED TAIL Hawk!!!!!

Hawk Mouth Open

A little story with this shot.  It was late and getting dark.  Shooting a bull elk in the trees.  With two other photographers that were shooting Canons.  As the light decreased we were announcing to each other our ISO’s as we shot.  “1200” then “1800 ISO”.  Soon the canon guys said “out of high ISO”. The Nikon guy (that would be me) had plenty of ISO left.  I shot this photograph at 8000 ISO!!!!!   The Canon guys had put their cameras down just when the hawk passed by.  One of them said he could not have got the shot.  Unless he wanted to show a lot of movement (blurry).  Frankly I was thrilled with the shot.  As we all looked at the screen on my camera one of them said “I need to get a Nikon”…………8000 ISO WOW!

Hawk Pass By

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