Oct 162010

But I love these guys!!!

I would jump in a pot of boiling oil for these two…..Ok maybe ride a horse.

Not two better people.  Great parents an example to all of us!

Penny and Saint 2

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  3 Responses to “I Hate! Double Hate portraits!”

  1. Hey that guy is really cute. Do you think his wife would mind if I got his number? That has got to be some of the best wildlife you have shot so far in this lifetime.!!!!!!

  2. looks great! wish i could have been there…

  3. As I often sit back and marvel at the shear beauty that this photographer is able to capture I am stunned once again ! 1st by that awesome background and the bridge built by Rory G. And that awesome vibrant Lady standing upon it !! Great works and relationships all in 1 picture . Just from Starting Somewere .. And them Wood Ducks, WOW ! .. I Believe God was feeling extra creative on that day !!

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