Oct 172010

I found the real “Duck Club!”

Yesterday when I arrived at Layton park I was dumb founded by the incredibly large number of waterfowl on the river in the park.  Hunting season retreat.  No hunters here.  Just park visitors.  Mostly Mallards and Geese.  And a couple of Wood Ducks.  Something hunters and wood duck carvers continually trying to get their hands on.  At one point they were hunted to small numbers.  At Layton only 4 of hundreds.

Man are they beautiful.  Fake looking.  These photographs are not enhanced in any way.  Just cropped to my liking.  The response from my family was “astonishment”.

Wood Duck 2

Wood Duck 1

Wood duck drink

It was so crowded that the geese flying in could only crash land………………………..

Goose Crash Land

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  1. That is so cool!…. It has purple on it!! 🙂

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