Oct 312010

I got skunked this morning.

Too many hunters.

No decent shots of birds.

Not one to give up easy I went for a little drive.  Known sightings of Quail. These little buggers are impossible to shoot.  Birds with some kind of “high-per” personality.    Wound up like a 10 day clock.  Shorts in a wad.  High on something!  Only once before has their presence cracked the sensor of my camera.  I’m not doing the Zoo thing.  I want the “wild” birds.

Found them.

It turned into a test of composition, light and setting.  Like a quail portrait session.  Back home at the computer it was revealed.  Three different looks.  If you follow my blog you will be able to tell which is my favorite.  Even without my comments.

My LEAST favorite.  Too clutter y.

quail in

This one would be my favorite if the weeds on either side didn’t obstruct the other birds….

quail in crowd

My favorite today.

No clutter.  Contrast is to my liking.  Composition Ok.  And Fairly sharp!

quail in rock

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