Nov 252010

It has been a few days since my last post.

A few days of that early winter flew!

Traveling to the max.

Never have left my camera back.  Though the posts thinned out the camera has been working.  A great photographer I know says that your photography skills will never increase while you are in front of the computer.  Good advice!  Last Sunday morning was spent at the wildlife refuge. I was sick….not too sick to watch the fowl.

kestral preen

The Kestral.  It’s beauty, tiny structure and fierce attitude amaze me.

Kestral Bow Spread

There is always the predictable stretch while preening.

Egret close

Just after entering the refuge this egret was waiting for me.  Always a beauty!

Egret take off

Not much better than a Backlit Egret!

Northern Shovler

I don’t know how many Northern Shovelers are left this hunting season….this one at least as of last Sunday!


I found a few shots I took this fall of the ever proud and “cocky” pheasant.  Man they think they are tough.

pheasant crow2

The last few weeks have been nuts.  Until the end of the year time is limited.  That being said I plan to always carry my hobby wherever I go.  It is a stress reliever.  A mood booster.  And a chance to clear my head.  I am fortunate to still have one working eye.  An understanding family.  Incredible co-workers.  And a little bottle of Xanax in case of emergencies…… :D

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  1. Love the egrets.

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