Dec 182010


Today was a day to fly home on a Saturday.  Not too often.  Travel a lot.  Just not away on Saturday usually.  Cheney, Washington has been a neat little place to get away (and we are going to build there!).  Incredible photo op’s. From spectacular rolling farms to a Wildlife Refuge only 5 miles from the city.   Did I mention we are going to build there?  Cheney is the home of the University of Eastern Washington.  The Eagles.  Last night they played a semi-final game on the road to a national championship game.  They won.  Clear skies.  Twenty-five degrees at game time.  Fun place to be after a big win.  By the way Cheney has a population of about ten thousand.

First look out the window this morning window and it was a nice day.  Second look was when I checked out.  A blizzard.  Really!

luggage loader

The drive to the airport was crazy.  The walk from the rental car was insane…by the way don’t rent from thrifty in Spokane if you don’t like long walks in a blizzard.  Safe inside.  Plane was a half hour late.  No big deal.  We boarded our big and spacious 737.  The door shut.  “all electronics must be turned of”.  Then the Captain – ” we have been told by the tower the airport is being closed”  Time for a XANAX!!!!!!

snow flight

Eventually (an hour later) we took off and I made it home.   When you have claustrophobia as bad as I do there can be consequences when the doors shut and it is announced no one is leaving!    I am glad Xanax works fast………

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  1. Merry Christmas, big man!


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