Dec 302010

Cheney Winter1

Have I mentioned that I love Cheney, Washinton?

It’s winter here.

Drove up from Sunnyside today.  Ran from the problems, stress and PEPSI freaks there.  The new store in Sunnyside is open today.  Not by any stretch the hardest to get open.  Just the most aggravating.  Working with the local Pepsi bottler was like teaching a cat to read.  No response and did whatever they wanted.  Someone was lucky a jim volcano did not erupt.  Too long a story to tell.  Buy Coke when in Sunnyside, Washington.

Traveled all week with camera gear in the front seat.  No time to shoot. (Chasing a Pepsi rainbow)  Until tonight.

Man was it beautiful here.

Just like the Holiday Inn Express here in Cheney.  It’s nice.  My new favorite.  The frosting on the cake…..the GM.  Ms. B. Smith!  When walking in tonight I think she recognized my anti-PEPSI mood and aggravation.  “Welcome home”  she said!  This place is amazing.  Through the doors is a distinctive smell.  A good smell.  The same smell everytime I think.  Perfect details right down to the TV that sits ON TOP of the chest.  Even anti-bacterial dispensers at the elevator.  Holy cow!

Ms. Smith is a peach and does a wonderful job with her staff here.  Hope to get back soon!

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  1. Probably one of the most beautiful pictures you’ve ever taken!! I love this, dad 🙂

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