Jan 232011

They are back!


Been sick for a few days.  Had to get out for fresh air.  Day after being father-of-the-Bride.  Refuge here we come.  Hundreds of eagles.  Most of them too far out on the ice.  A few came close to check things out.  My camera was on fire…..



I really could sit out there all day and watch the Eagles steal from the Gulls.  The Eagles are the epitome of thieves.


It really is amazing how all of a sudden the number of Eagles, seagulls and herons has increased in a very short time.


Though I could not stay long because of how I felt it was a blast……….


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Jan 202011

golden eagle

It is a lot of work to carry long lenses when flying.

My 600 and 200-400 lens stay home a lot.  I have been in Wyoming since Tuesday.  Tuesday until this morning in bed…..or kneeling in the bathroom.  Sorry too much information.  Feel a lot better today.  My regret today is that I wish I had brought my long lens on this trip.  The photograph above was taken from the roadside.  The Golden Eagle was dining on a dead deer on  the shoulder of the road.  And Bald Eagles were waiting in the wings.  Golden Eagles are dominant over Bald Eagles.  I missed an opportunity to get a great shot of a Golden Eagle.  Not to many shots of Goldens in my portfolio….in fact just a couple.  This shot was taken with a 70-200.

Tonight I had dinner with Erika and her mother.  Wonderful people.  Good friends.  Erika is now and will someday be a queen.  “Rodeo Queen” to be exact.  Though not technically a rodeo queen now…in my book she is royalty.  She reminds me of my daughter that just married. Good people, good conversation and great food.  Hope to see again  before too long.

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Jan 162011

Sitting Duck

Have you ever wondered what a sitting duck feels like?

Just before that little round hole he is looking at spews out pellets to kill?

In about two weeks we are going to Guatemala.  Company trip.  You know.  The trip you are obligated to go on because it’s free?  I always thought company trips were supposed to make you jump out of your seat and cheer with excitement.  Kind of a motivational trip for hard working employees like me.  Wives have to go.  It’s the policy.   “Honey we are going on a trip to Guatemala!”  By my wife’s reaction I thought she thought I said I was going to cut out her fingernails one at a time!

Can’t carry anything valuable.  Can’t go out alone.  Can’t go out at night. Don’t be seen with a computer or cell phone.  Don’t carry money.  Don’t take pictures of kids.  Don’t take pictures of people in nice cars.  Don’t drink the water. Don’t swim in the water.  Don’t buy food from vendors.  Only pay with new crisp dollar bills (haven’t figured that one out yet).  Lock up all your personal items.  Travel in groups.  Don’t travel on trails.  Always be on the lookout.

Kinda feels like standing in the naughty corner!

But we are going.

I am taking a camera….a good one.  Taking a couple of nice lenses.  Taking shorts, shirts, shoes, socks and photography stuff.    I plan on brining back a lot of photo’s. Thousands.

Who cares if I will be a sitting duck in Guatemala?  I am bringing back memories regardless.

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Jan 092011

Cold Kestral

Man it was cold out there today.

After church I snuck out for a couple of hours.  Clear skies.  Bright sun.  And new snow.  It was beautiful.

Spent most the time with a Kestral.  It was a blast!

Ketstral Land

This Kestral was perched and would go out to hunt and came back to the same perch several times.  Gave me several opportunities to shoot as he approached the perch.  With the snow reflecting the light it made for good light back up to the Kestral.

Hawk Jump

The Northern Harrier are plentiful.  Lot’s of chances to shoot taking off, hunting and landing…………with my daughters wedding this week and a few days in Washington I will be busy.  Good thing I have today’s memories!!!!

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Jan 072011

Harrier hawk fog2

My wife has asked me many times “how many pictures of the animal can you take?”.


I never get tired of shooting.  Animals.  Wildlife.  Never get tired.  Off the plane a little early tonight so I headed to FBNRRR.  No eagles but quit a few herons and hawks.

Heron fog

With winter freeze abounding black and white was the order of the day for the Heron.

Harrier male fog

Like I have said many times these hawks are incredible hunters.  Flying low to the ground stopping immediately to drop on prey.  This shot was from window level.

Harrier landed

They do do rest.  But never take their eyes of me………

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Jan 062011

Moose Peterson

What a guy.  I have had the extreme privilege in a few occasions of sitting in front of the man and learning a minuscule amount of what is in his head.  His passion for photography is unbelievable.  Follow his life, read his books and admiring him will do nothing but rub off on your own photographic passion.

Check out a guest blog he did here.

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Jan 012011

Eagle Pass

Made it home in time for a little new year cheer las night.

Everyone is sick or tired today.  So out to the Wildlife Refuge I go.  The eagles are slowly arriving.  Just a few as a matter of fact.  Not quit ready for prime time.  But the photographers are out.  Yikes!  A line of cars.  Every time I pulled over to shoot I turned into a car magnet.  Hopefully the bulk of the eagles will be arriving in the next three or four weeks.  I will be there off and on to record the event.

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