Jan 162011

Sitting Duck

Have you ever wondered what a sitting duck feels like?

Just before that little round hole he is looking at spews out pellets to kill?

In about two weeks we are going to Guatemala.  Company trip.  You know.  The trip you are obligated to go on because it’s free?  I always thought company trips were supposed to make you jump out of your seat and cheer with excitement.  Kind of a motivational trip for hard working employees like me.  Wives have to go.  It’s the policy.   “Honey we are going on a trip to Guatemala!”  By my wife’s reaction I thought she thought I said I was going to cut out her fingernails one at a time!

Can’t carry anything valuable.  Can’t go out alone.  Can’t go out at night. Don’t be seen with a computer or cell phone.  Don’t carry money.  Don’t take pictures of kids.  Don’t take pictures of people in nice cars.  Don’t drink the water. Don’t swim in the water.  Don’t buy food from vendors.  Only pay with new crisp dollar bills (haven’t figured that one out yet).  Lock up all your personal items.  Travel in groups.  Don’t travel on trails.  Always be on the lookout.

Kinda feels like standing in the naughty corner!

But we are going.

I am taking a camera….a good one.  Taking a couple of nice lenses.  Taking shorts, shirts, shoes, socks and photography stuff.    I plan on brining back a lot of photo’s. Thousands.

Who cares if I will be a sitting duck in Guatemala?  I am bringing back memories regardless.

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