Jan 232011

They are back!


Been sick for a few days.  Had to get out for fresh air.  Day after being father-of-the-Bride.  Refuge here we come.  Hundreds of eagles.  Most of them too far out on the ice.  A few came close to check things out.  My camera was on fire…..



I really could sit out there all day and watch the Eagles steal from the Gulls.  The Eagles are the epitome of thieves.


It really is amazing how all of a sudden the number of Eagles, seagulls and herons has increased in a very short time.


Though I could not stay long because of how I felt it was a blast……….


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  2 Responses to “Eagle Time!”

  1. Congrats…..

    I enjoy coming in on Monday and seeing new stuff..


  2. Hey, I heard the weather was cold but clear. Good eagle weather?

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