Feb 132011


Today was absolutely beautiful!

After church four hours was used up with my FBBR friends.  Yesterday was the advertised “Eagle Day”.  Talk about crowds!  Bumper to bumper front to back on the dikes at the refuge.  The birds stayed WAAAAY back.  In the four hours there was only one opportunity to capture a Bald Eagle shot.  From about three quarters of a mile a bald eagle saw a seagull drop a 6″ fish.  We had the bird in our sights most the day.  As soon as the fish was dropped the Eagle flew right at us, picked up the fish and went back to his perch way out there.

The shot above is a composite of two shots of the same bird.  One just as the eagle was grasping for the fish.   The other just as the fish was picked up.   The eagles are thinning out.  Especially since the big crowds are showing up at the refuge.    Looks like another great year of clicks there…..

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