Feb 182011


9  Days in Guatemala.

Antigua, Chichicostenanga, Tikal, Lake Atitlan.  All locations we travel to and through.  My days…..7 of them spent in the hotel.  Must have ate something.  I won’t go into any detail of my “illness’.  Most of my photography was done in and around the hotels or from bus.  Not what I hoped for.  All in all it is a beautiful place.

Every hotel we stayed at had McCaws with clipped wings to keep them on the grounds.  Easy shooting of an animated bird.


This guy was an absolute riot!  What a character.  Enjoyed a few minutes with him.  He really wanted my camera lens hood.


I was a little trapped with the fact I was shooting a lot of street scenes.  This man above may or may not be homeless.  He was seated outside the wall of a church.  Maybe just a great place to picnic?


We were told by the guides and others that we should ask to photograph the locals.  They have a deep seated religious belief that being photographed has negative consequences.  So I asked.  Pointed my finger at my camera then at the person.  Then had a look on my face like…”may I?”  This lady was selling flowers on the steps of a big cathedral.  I though she was ok with me taking the photograph.  By her look though I am not sure she really wanted me to do it.


There was all modes of transportation.  Families on motorcycles…..


Even crammed into a “tuk- tuk”.   Most were walking.


The company provided a luncheon where dancers performed.  I was not eating much…so I photographed the dancers.

For the next few days I plan on sharing my unique trip in Guatamala.  I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Great pics! Love the one of the mccaw. Glad you were able to get out and see a few things despite being sick.

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