Feb 272011


Farmington Management area closes this week.  I think tomorrow.  Up very early this morning for my last chance at some Bald Eagle shots.  Actually I was up every two hours basting 8 lbs. of  beef brisket in my new smoker…..was a dismal failure.  It will take time to get this food smoking thing down.  Back to the eagles….it was a cloudy day.  Photo abilities were being tested.  Bald’s are not the easiest to shoot.  White heads and dark bodies.  Cloudy helps but lends to flat photo’s.  Man, it was fun even if my butt was as cold as a Norbest turkey.  Today my camera and I were at ground level…yes in the ice and mud.  Made for better pic’s!  It was well worth it!!!!!  Going to Wyoming for the week.  Going to miss the Bald’s!!!!!


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  2 Responses to “Last Eagle Day!!!!!!!”

  1. BTW, I’ve heard that brisket is the hardest to master. I stick to ribs….

    Love the eagles.

  2. Hey, I know you haven’t set your camera down…Get busy…..

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