Mar 302011

Had this handsome bird in the viewfinder for a bit.  Looked everywhere to know what bird family he is from.  Never found it.     I will look tomorrow.

Gator Land_0143

A pretty little guy.  And gorgeous.  Friendly to the camera.  This ones a keeper!

Gator Land_0140

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Mar 302011

Yes my wife picked up the camera.  I almost fainted and fell into the pond as alligator bait.

She actually did pretty good.  Drawn to the baby Egrets most her time was there……shooting these little guys….

baby egrets

Not bad for a tiny, violin playing, mom that weighs just a little more than the camera.  We were both hoping to get that famous back lit Giant Egret shot.  Wing out stretched.  Preening.   Didn’t get it.  I did however like this one.  Kinda looks like he is wearing a “tutu”……

great egret big feathers

I hope to get back to shooting tomorrow.  Weather permitting!!!

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Mar 292011

I am in Florida for Photoshop World!

I did bring a couple of hundred pounds of photo gear.  Do you really think I would fly all the way to Florida and not take photograph’s?  Darn rights!!!  I snuck out this morning before the 4 hour “HDR – Class”.

Lot’s of nest building…….

giant egret stick in mouth fly

And even more little brats…..

egret chicks close

What made my whole day was when I looked back and my wife had picked up one of my cameras and was shooting!!!!  Maybe miracles do happen.  These are just teasers.  What an incredible day.  My wife even had a couple of great shots…..more TK….JC

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Mar 262011

It’s has been an incredible month or so!  Work is picking up.  Filtering through piles of applications for two new hires.  And gone every night to see an individual close to me that had medical problems.  Literally every night at the hospital.  Day-night-day-night for a month….

The last chance to capture was about a week ago.  I had about two hours in the afternoon.  Drove to Antelope Island.  The long causeway creates an incredible opportunity to photograph Northern Harrier Hawks. Flying 10 to 20 above the edge of the causeway they are hunting.  Out came the 600mm.  Pulled over on the wrong side.  Set the aperture and waited.  Then HE came along head down.  Looking for mice.  Then he would pass.  As he passed, I would fire off 50 or 60 shots.  Then I would back up a thousand feet or so and wait again.  Every time he passed he would look over at me for a split second.  Literally.  One frame of 9 frames per second……Good looking guy!  Man what eyes!!!!

Hawk look

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