Apr 292011


Pet cemetery 1

Real serious stuff!

Pet cemetery 2

Cats, dogs, elephants, and tigers….yep there all here.

Pet cemetery 3

Over one hundred humans cremated/buried with their beloved animals.

Pet cemetery 5

I was amazed  at the amount of effort and cost people have put forward for their pets.  Never seen anything like this before.

Pet cemetery 7

Even K-9’s are buried here. Not sure if I will see this type of cemetery again. Just my humble opinion….seems a little extreme.

Pet cemetery 9

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Apr 292011

This country is a little tattered right now.  I believe it is the greatest country in the world.  The American FLAG.  A symbol of our greatness, freedom, history and resources.  We respect our flag.  Or least we are supposed to.  Have we forgotten?  Has our effort just to survive in this crazy world made us forget how to respect the symbol of our freedoms?  Today I saw this in Las Vegas…….

Terribles flag1

A worn, torn tattered flag.  Respect?  I think not.  Has Terribles Stores in Las Vegas forgotten what the flag stands for?

Terribles flag2

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Apr 282011

Pahrump Nevada – a brothel town.  Building a store there.  Quite a place.   I hope that the relationship depicted here between the construction equipment at the job and the Gentleman’s club across the street is as close as the two get.

Pahrump gentlemans club

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Apr 272011

In Las Vegas tonight.

Brought my new Apple MacBook Pro.  And my camera.  Oh.  I am working.

Since my last visit here they finished the bridge in front of the Hoover Dam.  Just before sundown I sped over to the Dam and had some fun.  Processed all the shots in Photomatix Pro.  Lightning fast computer, incredible software and Dam good subject.

Hoover Dam-133_4_5_6_7_tonemapped

Hoover Dam-162_3_4_5_6_7_tonemapped

Had to get the artsy farsty shot tonight.

Hoover Dam-171_2_3_4_5_6_fused

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Apr 252011

Shot this guy Sunday morning.  Can’t find him in my Bird’s of Utah book.  Incredible landing technique don’t you think?

Duck land

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Apr 242011

Got up early today!

There really is not anything better than early Sunday morning with the camera and wildlife.  Today was one of the best.  It’s spring.  Love is in the air.  Birds procreating.  Eggs a lay’in.    Bird enthusiasm everywhere.  A great time to enjoy being out.  A better time to get incredible shots of unique characteristic’s and behavior’s.    A Great Blue Heron landed in a body of water (pond).  Fishing for it’s young about a 1/4 mile away in a Heron rookery.  Out of nowhere a Goose swooped in and chased the Heron out.  I watched this same exercise several times.  The goose was protecting a nest that it’s life companion was roosting on.  The Heron was probably coming to it’s favorite fishing hole.  The goose would have none of that.  This went on for some time.  I was startled at the size of the Goose.  I have never seen the two flying near each other.   I always thought the Blue Heron was a larger bird.  This photo of the Goose chasing the Heron shows otherwise….

Goose chase Heron

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Apr 242011

“Hey we don’t make fun of you!”

I tell people all the time that very little of my time is spent in front of a mirror.  For obvious reasons I’ll bet this guy feels the same!


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Apr 242011

Egrets have all the fun.

Out at Farmington Bay Friday to see the local Egrets.  They are back!  And beautiful as ever.  Arrived before sunrise to find this guy.  He performed for me for about an hour.  I had to go to black and white in post.  It just felt right.  Shot wide open the closest drops of water are out of focus.  Still like it.  It is one of those images our eyes just don’t catch……and keep like this one.

Egret splash

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Apr 202011

It’s baseball season!!!

Hardly ever watch baseball.  Live or on TV.  Kinda boring.  But when my grandson plays it’s like a Laker’s vs. Celtics play off every game.  It is a blast!  Doesn’t matter that every kid is out on the field.  Or that the coach is 15 feet from home plate “tossing” in the pitch.  Or that a little batter will run to the pitchers mound after hitting the ball instead of home plate.  It’s better than Keystone Cops.  Real talent run amuck.  Cute as ever.  Here is a look……..



drew on second base

Grandson #2.  Thought after #1 I had all the love I could give.  like Niagra falls it kept coming.  This little munchkin loves his pappa.  (that would be me).  And boy do I love him……..


Then there is the teammates and opposing team mates.

The home run hitter……

Beckstead hit2

Running to third is serious business…….

serious runner


Boy at third base

Can we go home now?

Sad look

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Apr 192011

Road side quick click…I saw these swallows and had to stop and watch.  There was hundreds of them.  Fast and beautiful.  Head back in a couple of days to see if they are gathering here for a reason.

Swallow crowd

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