Apr 242011

Got up early today!

There really is not anything better than early Sunday morning with the camera and wildlife.  Today was one of the best.  It’s spring.  Love is in the air.  Birds procreating.  Eggs a lay’in.    Bird enthusiasm everywhere.  A great time to enjoy being out.  A better time to get incredible shots of unique characteristic’s and behavior’s.    A Great Blue Heron landed in a body of water (pond).  Fishing for it’s young about a 1/4 mile away in a Heron rookery.  Out of nowhere a Goose swooped in and chased the Heron out.  I watched this same exercise several times.  The goose was protecting a nest that it’s life companion was roosting on.  The Heron was probably coming to it’s favorite fishing hole.  The goose would have none of that.  This went on for some time.  I was startled at the size of the Goose.  I have never seen the two flying near each other.   I always thought the Blue Heron was a larger bird.  This photo of the Goose chasing the Heron shows otherwise….

Goose chase Heron

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