May 072011

As photographers we dream about certain shots.

We hope to get that one shot.  I am no exception.  The White Faced Ibis is a beautiful bird.  Unless you have seen an Ibis through binoculars, a 600mm lens or in a cage you would never know of it’s beauty. Flying by or from a distance it looks like a black bird with a real long bent beak.   They stop in Utah for a bit this time of year.  I have tried for many moons and seasons to get a shot with the extended wings of an Ibis. And in decent light.  Patience payed off!!!!!  I waited and waited.  Watched and learned about the behavior of this animal.  After preening they walk a bit with their wings extended.  To dry?  Don’t know.  Just real darn happy with the shot.

For you fellow photographers here is the Meta….

ISO – 1000,  1000mm (600mm with 1.7 extender), 1/1000 sec @ 6.7.  (No kidding 1000 across the board except the f-stop)

Ibis wings up

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