May 162011

Am I dreaming?

This afternoon we were rained out.  This morning however it was overcast with no rain.  A morning I will never forget.  In life we have idols.  Like my Dad.  And others that have had a great impact on our lives.  In my case one of those is the famous Joe McNally.  He looks like a normal guy.  Jeans, regular shirt, and regular clothes.  Says hi to anyone.  He is NOT arrogant.  He is normal.  Unless you ask him.  If you walk into one of his sold out photographic presentations you would never know that he is a legend in photography.  The master.  A plethora of published materials.  Cover photographs on the biggest name magazines.  Photographed famous people from Gorbachev to Chamberlin. A name sake at Geographic. He made history with his 6’x9′ polaroids of 911 survivors and families.  Millions for good causes.  Looked down from the very top antenna on the empire state building.  Hung from helicopters for his one-of-a-kind shots.  He has seen and done it all in photography.

My idol

He is the best at his craft.

He took my photograph today.  Gorbachev and I photographed by Joe McNally. What can I say?  INCREDIBLE!  Not sure why he asked me to be the subject.  What did I learn today?  How a famous person can be so personable.


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