May 202011

DLWS is done…until November.

I drove to the ocean today to try and get a few shots.  But I first saw this Great Blue Heron right at the cliffs catching mice.  It was wild…….


The mouse must have been a great snack!


Then there was this Rock in the ocean.  Getting really beat up.



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  One Response to “My Day at the Ocean”

  1. Jim,

    Giantly Excellent Photos!!!!!

    You should have been presenting in the workshop. What an awesome four days, incredible instructors; fascinating locations; and a group of genuinely good people. It was awfully difficult to go back to work on Thursday.

    It was a pleasure to spend four days with you, Ed and of course Jon. I fully expect that there will be an occasion where we will cross paths again at a future workshop. (Sharon told me that Moose and Kevin are working on the format for future workshops, next year).

    Hope all goes well on Monday. Donna and I will be thinking of you in our prayers.


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