May 262011

What makes me tick?  I work everyday with people I enjoy and respect.  I love my career and this job.  I have a beautiful wife that has taken up home decorating with a passion.  And is exceeding everyones expectations.  My home has turned more beautiful.  I love my kids. They each have their own talents, hopes and individualism.  My grandkids……well I am left speechless with love and enjoyment.   It isn’t all good.  Yesterday I had to eat a little crow at work.  Though I was praised for my work ethic I know that I had fell short.  Not the first time.  And not the last.  Last week the doc called and gave me news that at first was shocking.  Then it all fell into place and I understand all the consequences.  Though my life is full of positives,  there is the intermittent emotional stress and set backs.

So I fall back to the greatest stress reliever in my life.  Photography.

Heron fish midnight

I never get tired of the Great Blue Heron.  An easy subject to shoot.  And found in a lot of places.  Tonight I found this beauty fishing.  Watching this big bird reveals that they are quit successful at fishing.  And they let me into their moments……

duck fight

These two ducks were fighting tonight over the female.  This happens a lot in the wild world.  There is always a winner.  Sometimes to ones own fate.  Look at the fear(?)in the ducks eyes.  I was invisible to him.  This instant saved with 1’s and 0’s.  A real mind blowing thing to me.  The camera literally has a brain.  It just needs a nudge when photographing………

Black head bird

The darks fall into a black hole.  The character of the subject is limited to the split second catch on the sensor.  I think about the balance of light and real reproduction of the subject every time I shoot.  In the end light or dark is compromised.  At best the fast moving subject is trapped motionless.   At worst the subject looks different than real life……

Yellow belly bird

The entire time the camera is to my good eye I forget.  Stress falls away quickly.  Epiphanies surge.  Peak experiences abound.  The time from capture to viewing on the screen at home is like christmas eve to the opening of the present.  Anticipation of seeing if the flash of an image in my eye when shooting turned out as my brain thought I saw it.  Hoping that my imagination will pop out as the image is brought up in post.  I escape.  A little selfish.  My own time.  Thinking of only myself?  Probably.  At the end of the day I am more calm.  More relaxed. I have a better perspective with my role as a father, grandfather and co-worker.   I have time to look ahead.  At least one more day.  One more chance to shoot my wild friends.  To love my family.  To love my co-workers.  And to love myself.  What else is there?

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