May 312011

I have a ton of friends.

Many of which read my blog.  Faithfully.  My dear friend from BHS was startled by my post last week.  After I read it I would say it was a little weird.  I don’t proof all my blogs…..yes english was not my major.

Three weeks ago I had my annual physical.  Yes all the fun included.  Saw my dermatologist as part of my check up(s).  Showed her some areas of concern.  She cut out a few areas for tests.  My dermatologist is ….beautiful.   Can you say that about your doctor?   Blonde….short…blue eyes…….I am 56 years old you know some things still look good.  Did not think twice about it (the samples).  Guess I was too busy in a daze admiring at her.   Much better looking than my doctor she just replaced that is retiring.

Last week her secretary called and left messages every day to say that my tests came back.  That the doctor wanted to talk me about them.   When I called back the doctor was busy.  The secretary could NOT talk about my results.  Sweaty palms now!  Later that day the doctor called me back when I was shooting this photo……


The call went something like this….

“Hi doc.  How are you?”

Good Jim.  Listen your tests came back possitive for Cancer…”When can you come in so we can cut them out” (she used a medical term for cut out.  I knew what she meant) “Can you come in tomorrow?”

“Well Doc I am in California and won’t be home until next week”

“OK. I will put you on hold and the secretary will set a time when you are available”  “As soon as possible”

“Thanks….I will see you later”

What?  I said thanks????!!!!!  Thanks for telling me I have skin cancer!  After I hung up I sat there looking at this california buzzard and thought what I just heard.  The “C” word.  After studying  it and asking questions I realized it was no big deal.  Minor.  Easy to fix.  Like a flat tire.  Not like pancreatic, or serious cancers.  In fact it’s pretty common.

Tomorrow I go in to get them cut out.  An hour or so in the office.  A Xanax to keep me on the table. Stitches.  A few glances at the DOC.  Then I will be on my way.  Better with a few holes in my head.  Adding a little character to a goofy face……

Love ya Wanda!!!

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  1. Hey Jim,

    Geeez, sorry to hear about this. No one likes to hear the C word, I know it too well. You’re right tho and I like your attitude, an ‘easy’ fix with a few snips (not like breast cancer, where they chop a lot more :-)). I’m glad you got things checked out and I hope it went well! Big hugs your way! Take care.

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