Jun 022011


Met some wonderful people at DLWS.  One couple are Kanuck’s.  I think.  Canadians for sure.  Cool people.  Nik is shy.  Pretty humble about her pic’s.  Pretty good photographer I would say.  And with her is her supportive hubby.  One night he was right in the middle of a technical flash set up.  I am sure glad to have a few moments with these wonderful people.

We walked in the vineyards near Santa Rosa.  A big bush blooming in bright red flowers was covered with bees.  I was not prepared.  She was.  Handed me her 105 macro and took some pic’s of the bees.

NIK these are for you.  Thanks for letting me use your lens.  Hope all is well!



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  2 Responses to “NIK…just for you!”

  1. Awwwww shucks Jim!! You’re too kind :-)))). Too funny as well! You’re close, it’s Canucks, can’t believe you hadn’t heard of it. We’re also known as Hosers, haha (you’d have to watch SCTV to get that one).

    I’m so glad to see the shots you took of those bees. I was really wondering how they turned out. They look great, you did amazing for handholding that close! Great stuff!

    Hope you’re doing good today with your little ‘surgery’ outta the way, now remember to slap on that sunscreen :-)))).

  2. Hey Jim,
    I never got your contact info during the class I think we all dispersed quite quickly). Beautiful shots, it was so great to meet you. Please e-mail me at the address I provided for my comment. can’t wait to see more from your blog!
    ~Kristina J (from Los Angeles)

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