Jun 082011

I Pray

I pray for things like good son-in-laws.

My prayers have been answered.

My daughters are blessed to have good men.  Though their personalities are a dichotomy they each have wonderful traits and attributes.  I love them both.

The newest is still learning about our family.  He is kinda green (married since Jan. this year).  He is one of a kind (just like the other son-in-law).  Quiet at opportune times.  Intellectual when needed. Firm in his believes. Loves my daughter.  Will do anything for her.  Is even teaching her some social skills.  She doesn’t realize it now but in time she will.  They are a great couple.  Yes they are newly weds.  But are grounded in core beliefs and values.  They talk.  Like most marriages one talks a little more than the other.  He is a great listener.

Last week he and I drove to the Montpelier, Idaho to dump to drop some trash.  It was great to be with him and have him feel free to speak to me.  At the turn off to the dump was a field that was flooded from the high stream levels.  Of course I was looking for fowl.  Fowl love water.  Then I spotted it!  A Night Heron.  I have never seen one in person.  Yes I had my camera.  Always. Stopping would surely spook this beauty and cause him to fly.  Got the camera in hand backed up and….he just sat.  I begged him to fly.  Eventually he did.  Flying makes for a better shot than a static standing bird.  Even if it was my first record of a Night Heron, I wanted a good one.  One of the click’s worked.  I shot with my D3s with the 28-300mm.  Had to push up the ISO and cheated on the EV by +1/3.  Panned then click.  One of my personal favorites.  Partially because I experienced it with Ben.

After the short visit with the Heron we entered the dump.  To our amazement and shock, right where we backed up was a dead cow.  Bloated on it’s back.  Feet up.  Quite a sight.  Unusual garbage.  Didn’t take a pic of the cow.


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  2 Responses to “For Ben…”

  1. Yeah, Ben’s pretty much the COOLEST! I’m so glad him and Mand have each other! One of my most favorite people 🙂 Love the shot dad, totally amazing!!

  2. Great shot and amazing wing span. As for Ben and the other son-in-law, they are equally blessed to have such a great father-in-law, easy to talk to and listens…
    Note, I had to look in the dictionary for the word “dichotomy”. Easy on us construction guys.

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