Jun 092011

Sometimes  black and white is the only option.

On my recent trip to DLWS in california and the first day it was raining.  So?  It is the Pacific Coast.  Good photog’s at anytime.  Black and white.  I remember the days standing in my darkroom watching the image come up in the tray.  Way cool!  Many times my kids would be down there with me.  Every bit as excited as I.  Taking an image from role to paper.  Learning the Ansel Adams zone system.  Learning about the burn and dodge in the dark room.  Practice, practice and more practice.  A lot of wasted paper.  Then that one image would appear.  Today with digital you can see what the final pic should look like in post.  It’s wonderful.  And easy?  Maybe not.  I must still look at all the conditions and notable light variables.  Fun stuff.  Way fun!

bodega baymornbandw

Bodega Bay Pier

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  2 Responses to “Black and White!”

  1. Great shots Jim. It was hard to get something good when the weather wasn’t cooperating but you managed!

  2. I love these, especially the top one!! Gorgeous 🙂

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