Jun 132011

The Common Tern

Not so common a bird.  Black and White.  Short beak.  Pretty small at about 7 oz’s with a 23″ wing span.  Flies above water always looking down.  Food is down.  When the turn spots a snack it will stop and hover then dive into the water.  Or just turn quickly and dive in.  Often it will fly low.  Close to the water.  Then quickly drop their head so only their beak touches the water snatching up the morsel.  A blast to watch.   A monster to try and get in the camera.  Especially flying directly at the camera!  Tonight I really lucked out.  The little bugger flew right at me and scooped a dinner snack.  (by the way the Avocet chicks still have not hatched).  At 9-11 frames a second it was still pretty much luck that I got the shot.

Couldn’t help myself.  Just thought the Black and White beauty would look best on Black and White…….

(click on the photo to enlarge on your screen)


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  1. Thumbs up on all of your recent photos….good start to my day.


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