Jun 212011

Mornings and nights at the nest.

The Avocets have gotten familiar with me and my camera.  For 24 days my mornings and nights (when in town) have been at this Avocet nest……


Tonight I rushed to the Avocet nest minutes before the DWS closed the gates to the Refuge.  Still nesting and no sign of chicks.  Several times a day the mated pair would trade nesting responsibilities.  Almost to army exactness a ritual would ensue as the trade off took place.  The eggs would not be exposed for more than a few seconds.  Good parents I would say.  As the replacement parent would approach the nest they would shake their skinny blue legs to shake of any unwanted items.  In addition they would preen extensively before entering the nest.  Everytime.  I waited patiently watching the clock knowing that in a few minutes the DWS staff would kick me out.  Lock the gate and go home.  I wanted to stay and watch this new family in their home.  My first Avocet birth…..


I waited then out from behind Mom popped the new chick.  Less than one day old.  Teeny Weeny ball of fur with a beak……..




Stumbling, barley alive this cute little chick is not more than a couple of inches tall…maybe.

Mom and dad are VERY protective of these kids.  Two born, one to egg left.  What a night.  One of those firsts for me.  One moment I soon won’t forget!


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  2 Responses to “At LAST!!!!!!!”

  1. Really great capture of a really great moment. This is what its all about right? Freezing that one moment in time!

  2. Patience and persistance paid off in this case – Nice work!

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