Jun 282011

Opening a new store in Pasco tomorrow.

I am in Cheney, Washington.  Have I mentioned I love it here.  Miles of rolling agriculture.  A national wildlife refuge.  Lenny’s…. the best Italian ever!  And a new Holiday Inn Express where I am treated like a king.  Drove from Pasco to Mead then here to Cheney.  Looking at new sites that we are to build on this year.  Late today I drove for 18 or so miles with endless rolling hills of agriculture….

Cheney rolling hills

I saw many very old abandoned farm houses.  I mean really old.

old house in woods bandw

I found this old home set back against a hillside in pine trees.  Gorgeous.   I wondered why someone would give this site up?  I could live here…..

Old house in woods

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  1. Hey Jim, love the house with the hills background, beautiful!

  2. thanks great work

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