Jun 122011

Yesterday was another great weekend day.

Ran a lot of errands, did a couple of chores and checked on the Avocet nest. No chicks yet.  Had a quick visitor.  A pelican.  Turned and got his landing…..

Man they can water ski.  Had the exposure a half stop too high.  Check out the white on the wing it is a little burned out.  Can’t win em all!



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Jun 102011

This morning I had to check on the Avocet nest.  No chicks yet.

I did however get a better shot of the coot little ones. They were all still buried in the thistle and cat tails.  This one peaked out for a second……


Tonight I was a bachelor and had to make some calls (thank goodness for cell phones) so I went out (again) to check on the Avocet nest.  Still no chicks!  Every trip out to FBBR puts me around common Malard ducks.  A lot of them.  Usually I down play the need to get a shot.  Not much to shoot tonight.  Until this guy did the big duck stretch!!!!

Malard stretch

Kind of a show off don’t you think?  Gorgeous bird!

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Jun 102011

I have posted many time the White Faced Ibis.  Every time they are in my viewfinder I am dumfounded by their beauty.  Often I show people as they fly by.  Comments usually are that they are  ugly black or black plain birds.

Maybe it is my life’s ambition to bring this beautiful bird out of normalcy and obscurity.    I love the colors on these guys.


The colors are incredible.  These are not enhanced or saturated.  It is a late day shot that adds to the wrap of the light a little.

white face shake

And Like most water fowl they love and need to bath….


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Jun 092011

Sometimes  black and white is the only option.

On my recent trip to DLWS in california and the first day it was raining.  So?  It is the Pacific Coast.  Good photog’s at anytime.  Black and white.  I remember the days standing in my darkroom watching the image come up in the tray.  Way cool!  Many times my kids would be down there with me.  Every bit as excited as I.  Taking an image from role to paper.  Learning the Ansel Adams zone system.  Learning about the burn and dodge in the dark room.  Practice, practice and more practice.  A lot of wasted paper.  Then that one image would appear.  Today with digital you can see what the final pic should look like in post.  It’s wonderful.  And easy?  Maybe not.  I must still look at all the conditions and notable light variables.  Fun stuff.  Way fun!

bodega baymornbandw

Bodega Bay Pier

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Jun 082011

I Pray

I pray for things like good son-in-laws.

My prayers have been answered.

My daughters are blessed to have good men.  Though their personalities are a dichotomy they each have wonderful traits and attributes.  I love them both.

The newest is still learning about our family.  He is kinda green (married since Jan. this year).  He is one of a kind (just like the other son-in-law).  Quiet at opportune times.  Intellectual when needed. Firm in his believes. Loves my daughter.  Will do anything for her.  Is even teaching her some social skills.  She doesn’t realize it now but in time she will.  They are a great couple.  Yes they are newly weds.  But are grounded in core beliefs and values.  They talk.  Like most marriages one talks a little more than the other.  He is a great listener.

Last week he and I drove to the Montpelier, Idaho to dump to drop some trash.  It was great to be with him and have him feel free to speak to me.  At the turn off to the dump was a field that was flooded from the high stream levels.  Of course I was looking for fowl.  Fowl love water.  Then I spotted it!  A Night Heron.  I have never seen one in person.  Yes I had my camera.  Always. Stopping would surely spook this beauty and cause him to fly.  Got the camera in hand backed up and….he just sat.  I begged him to fly.  Eventually he did.  Flying makes for a better shot than a static standing bird.  Even if it was my first record of a Night Heron, I wanted a good one.  One of the click’s worked.  I shot with my D3s with the 28-300mm.  Had to push up the ISO and cheated on the EV by +1/3.  Panned then click.  One of my personal favorites.  Partially because I experienced it with Ben.

After the short visit with the Heron we entered the dump.  To our amazement and shock, right where we backed up was a dead cow.  Bloated on it’s back.  Feet up.  Quite a sight.  Unusual garbage.  Didn’t take a pic of the cow.


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Jun 072011

I have been watching a Coot nesting for some time now.

Sped over to FBBR tonight and found chicks that can’t be more than 3 days old.  Only a mother could love these kids. UGLY.  It was a difficult shoot. 1). because the refuge was closing. 2). the coots were strongly backlit. 3). They were in thick brush to hide.

I relied in post to bring up shadows.  In ACR turned down the “darks”.  And with a few hundred shots only these three were clear of cat tails……




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Jun 032011

Friday afternoon.

Probably won’t get out this weekend to shoot.  Lots of birds at FBBR.  So I left work about an hour early.

For about an hour and half I saw a great variety of birds.

The Cormorant.


The Terns are back and performing their arial fishing acts.


This shot was taken at quit a distance with the 600 and a 2x teleconverter.  An ISO of 3200.  Needed it to stop the action.  To limit the noise I ran it through Topaz/simplify filter.


And the last in the viewfinder was my faithful Great Blue Heron.  Fishing….


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Jun 022011


Met some wonderful people at DLWS.  One couple are Kanuck’s.  I think.  Canadians for sure.  Cool people.  Nik is shy.  Pretty humble about her pic’s.  Pretty good photographer I would say.  And with her is her supportive hubby.  One night he was right in the middle of a technical flash set up.  I am sure glad to have a few moments with these wonderful people.

We walked in the vineyards near Santa Rosa.  A big bush blooming in bright red flowers was covered with bees.  I was not prepared.  She was.  Handed me her 105 macro and took some pic’s of the bees.

NIK these are for you.  Thanks for letting me use your lens.  Hope all is well!



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Jun 012011

Perspective is critical!

I tried several locations to get a long angle shot of this duck family.  Had somewhat low light.  And lot’s of ducklings.  Then it donned on me.  Duh!  Stand up.  Move back.  And widen the angle.  The shot turned out with more interest and most all the kids in focus.  Shot with the Nikon 28-300mm lens on 38mm worked just great.  Hand held.  Joe McNally style.  It worked ok…..


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