Jul 292011

I hate Las Vegas in the summer.

Actually most of the time.  A couple of weeks ago I needed to be in Hell…I mean Las Vegas.  They don’t call it Sin City for the fun of it.  It really is.  Sin.  At 100 plus degrees.  A desert turned to an over-lit, over-done, over-big, and over wasted space.  We are going to build stores there.  Nobody asked what I think.  My most recent visit required a stop at the Clark County complex.  The county Taj Mahal.  Over built.  Across the street is a building that is way over the top.  An architects dream spend.  A typical Las Vegas “mine is better than yours building”….Turns out to be a medical clinic.  Surprised?

Vegas Medical center

This week I have been in Cheney, Washington.  Stark contrast to Las Vegas.  Normal people.  Natural surroundings.  Vast acreage of agriculture.  Small town.  Big stress reliever.  Tonight I drove out to Spangle, Washington.  Dinner at Spangle Saloon.  I went for the scenery and had a great pulled barbecue sandwich.  The 30 minute drive was beautiful……

cheney-spangle road 2

Cheney-Spangle Road

Cheney-Spangle Road.  One of the most beautiful drives ever.  Quiet.  Wheat as far as I could see.  Some green.  Some gold. And some harvested.  To add a little interest to the beautiful scenery a road side mail box caught my attention.  No homes/farm houses in any direction.  Probably not walking out to get the mail here.  How many miles a year does the mail person put on a vehicle here?

cheney-spangle road mailbox

After dinner I rushed back to an Osprey nest just west of Cheney.  Love them Osprey.  The problem is there is no place to approach the nest.  Open wheat field.  After a little nervous chattering from the nest I settled in and sat still. About an hour.   Mom and Dad saw me and only approached.  Never delivered dinner…..

Cheney Osprey 2

Cheney Osprey 1

I sat until sundown.  Turned the 200-400 lens 90 degrees from the Osprey nest and shot the last light of day.  I love the Cheney area.  As opposed to Las Vegas…..

Cheney sunset

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  1. Hey Jim, great shots. Love that medical building (well, the picture of it, not sure how the care is inside, haha). Love the field shots (of course, living on the prairies here). Maybe you need to build a store in Alberta :-).

    Take care!

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