Jul 312011

Ever noticed how much work women do?

This is a Yellow Headed Blackbird.  A female.  The males are noisy, obnoxious, colorful, and not often collecting food.  At least not when I have been watching.  The female work their little beaks off.   They seem to be wound up tighter than a ten day clock.  She is not as pretty as the male.  What she doesn’t have in looks she has in effort.  Her cycling of rounding up food then delivering food then back to picking food again is remarkably short.  We are talking about chasing multiple bugs packing them in the beak then delivering to the family.  A bunch of times.  I watched this particular beauty as she would return to the same area at the refuge for bug catching.  Snacks of the sort.  Love this lady.  She works hard to feed to her family.  I still wonder what dad is doing all this time…..

Yellow Headed Blackbird FM

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