Aug 182011

Flying almost everyday this week.  And driving between flights.  From Yerington, Nevada to Reno I found some wild horses.  How did I know?  No fences.  I have been told that wild horses frequent this area.  Lastly they do not act or look like domestic horses……..


I watched and followed them for about an hour.  After some time a big male horse approached the group.  As he approached another approached him and they engaged.  Not real exciting.  It was well over 100 degrees.  They probably did not want to exert to much energy.  The approaching male laid his ears back and walked head down straight at the other male.  Just as they met the male of the existing group quickly walked away.  And he kept his distance from the big new male.


Next the new big tough male wanted to see what I was all about (good thing I was protected in my car).  It occurred to me that he looked the bad boy movie star with the long bangs over his eyes.  I kinda think he felt the same way.


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