Sep 302011

I can’t access my fonts for my Blog!

I just realized that when writing on this blog I am talking to a 30″ Apple monitor.  Not sure if anyone will see it.  Sure OF sees it he is my pal.  And he  looks fairly regularly.  And  D.P. sees it often. So for the most part I am doing this for myself.  Oh sure I have occasional comments from friends and such.   But in reality this pushes me to look beyond my current skill level.

Lately I have been dragging Butt.  Have several reasons why.  One that is just eating at me.  Losing a lot of sleep over it.  Wanda before you call me and ask about my health know it is not that.  Oh ….Wanda reads once and a while.  I have as of late been spending a lot of time meditating. Not cross legged humming.  Just enjoying nature and my surroundings……….


Tonight I watched this cloud grow and get very large.  It was beautiful.  I can say that I have never seen a cloud like this before.  Especially the vertical thin clouds within the big cloud.  Amazing.  This week I have spent time with Terns.  And seagulls.  Practicing photo-panning.  The terns performed well.  I was real lucky to get some fun shots.  Post those later.

Last shot of the night was this seagull as he flew by and s

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Sep 112011

He is a little different than the other two.  Like his mother was.  Born with a scowl on his face.  Probably wished he was still in the womb.  Warm and comfy in there.  I am blessed that he is here.  And what a great mother.  A natural if you will.  She is incredible.  Always has a smile.  Positive.  Loves her kids.  Elijah is another lucky one to have picked this family…..




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Sep 012011

Got a haircut yesterday.  Went back to the Barber today to show my friends the “place”.  I have never seen a barber shop like this before.  Walk in and see a couch, chair and a large big screen.  Sports paraphernalia everywhere.  Most of which revolve around University of Eastern Washington.  Division I champions last year in football.  Cheney is a fun community and Imperial Styling is a great place to get a cut!

Cheney Salon 1

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Sep 012011

After dinner and before sunset.  Still in Cheney.  The drives out around here are incredible.  The fields are being cut.  Harvesting everywhere.  Incredibly quiet 30 miles out.  Only one other car on the road.  It sure feels good to get out.

Cheney hill Black and White

Cheney color hill

Cheney tractor black and White

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