Sep 302011

I can’t access my fonts for my Blog!

I just realized that when writing on this blog I am talking to a 30″ Apple monitor.  Not sure if anyone will see it.  Sure OF sees it he is my pal.  And he  looks fairly regularly.  And  D.P. sees it often. So for the most part I am doing this for myself.  Oh sure I have occasional comments from friends and such.   But in reality this pushes me to look beyond my current skill level.

Lately I have been dragging Butt.  Have several reasons why.  One that is just eating at me.  Losing a lot of sleep over it.  Wanda before you call me and ask about my health know it is not that.  Oh ….Wanda reads once and a while.  I have as of late been spending a lot of time meditating. Not cross legged humming.  Just enjoying nature and my surroundings……….


Tonight I watched this cloud grow and get very large.  It was beautiful.  I can say that I have never seen a cloud like this before.  Especially the vertical thin clouds within the big cloud.  Amazing.  This week I have spent time with Terns.  And seagulls.  Practicing photo-panning.  The terns performed well.  I was real lucky to get some fun shots.  Post those later.

Last shot of the night was this seagull as he flew by and s

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  1. I will tell you the same thing I tell my sis, please keep it up! I surely do find inspiration in your images…especially after a week like this one! Love that sky, pretty amazing powers at work eh?

  2. I check in pretty regularly. I enjoy your images. I attended one of your lectures at Inkley’s a few years ago. Living just a little north of you, I get inspiration for what I can try to achieve when I go to Farmington Bay. We have probably passed on the dikes. I also travel the Intermountain west and enjoy what I seen along the way and try to capture things from time to time. I’d be interested in a little more technical on shot settings and processing , Etc. but don’t want to cause you more work. Please keep it up.


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