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I often embarrass myself. I am fortunate to receive compliments on my photography.  A gentleman would respond Thank You when receiving compliments like this.    In my case, I explain that photography is nothing more than an odds game.   To a great extent this is true.  If you shoot enough pictures of a subject eventually you will get an acceptable photograph.  Here is an example.  I have been going after work for the last week or so to get pic’s of Terns fishing.  Terns are incredibly fast flyers than can turn on a dime.  Very difficult to shoot.  Thousands of shots gave me a few keepers like…..


Mush easier to shoot is the slower flying seagull family of birds.


This guy was leery about landing right on the fish and then taking off.   So he did a fly-by-catch.  Almost a silhouette.

The shot of the tern was taken from across the water with my 600mm lens.  The seagull shot was with my 70-200.  Why the different lenses and nearly same results.  More to come……

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  1. You even make a seagull look good. Your have always had such an amazing way of seeing something more than what appears to be to everyone else. That bird has no clue how beautiful it really is but you have made a difference in the way it is looked upon.

  2. Accidental photography are snapshots…Real technical photography is art…seeing light….this is art.

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