Nov 142011

The best of the best photographers have all agreed that rainy days can provide for the best photographs!

On the edge of my whits in Oregon.  Trying to get a permit at the very last minute.  Literally.  The store in Baker City was stocked.  Everything ready to start operations.  Including waiting customers.  I sat in a DEQ office in Bend Oregon.  Literally begging the permits manager there to not bend the rules.  Instead just process the permit in a couple fho ours and not the usual 30-60 days.  It was a very long shot.  I anticipated the call to Maverik’s executive team…” sorry guys we have to delay the opening between 30 and 60 days”.  YIKES!  I was begging. Believe me!  I felt like Jack Bower at an interrogation at gun point.   Didn’t sleep the hole night before.  It was on my shoulders.

I don’t remember walking out of the building in pouring rain calling the area supervisor to tell him “go ahead and open.  I got it”  Felt like the one time mom forgave me for stealing the candy bar from Grand Central and not telling my Dad.  Or the first time I kissed my sweetheart.  Elated would be a slight understatement.

Three days before my plane took me home.  What to do?  As a habit I carried well over 75 lbs. in photographic gear.   Bend is 3 hours from some of the most beautiful coast in the Americas.  Fifty-five miles an hour was just not fast enough.  Until I got to the first mountain range.   Beautiful fall colors.  In the rain the autumn hues were emphasized.  The tree bark contrast was incredible. A photographers dream.  I passed a small sign that pointed down a small to that said “falls”.  Hey I have all day.  Turned around and went back.  Did not regret it.  It was pouring as I hiked to the falls.  The camera gear had all its rain protect in place. I did not.  It was very cold as I turned the corner and gasped.  A small burst of sun shone on the falls. Even where I shot from it was like a morning shower.  I was drenched.  Had about three to five minutes to get exposure, the correct shooting position and break out the gear.  Forgot the tripod!!!!!!!  DUMBY!  I had to hand hold a 1/8 second exposure.  My hope was to get a 9 exposure HDR image.  In the end I think the single exposure worked to my favor.  The contrast of the sun really popped without the HDR coverage.   I love the shot…….

oregon Falls

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  1. So beautiful Jim! I love the moss covered ground surrounding the falls! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Share more of this area….. I so love the Oregon coast!

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