Dec 062011

My camera still travels with me.

Pretty much everywhere I go.

My postings are getting a little scattered for a couple of reasons;

1. I am getting lazy.  My job is taking a lot of my energy so by the end of the day I find myself watching an episode of Burn Notice, Body of Proof, Castle, Bones, or The Closer.  Yes a couch potato.

2. Late fall and early winter are not the best times to get out for only and hour or so and get some wildlife near home.  A little lame.  But again a little burned out and the end of each day.

On a recent trip from Scottsbluff, Nebraska driving back to Denver we stopped in a little town.  I was told by an associate to stop and see a collection of  old dispensers.  He was pretty excited to help in my quest for fun photography locations.  I love old stuff to photograph.  It holds real still and has tons of character.  We soon found the lot and I was out clicking away.

Gilbarco close1

Old dispensers of many brands.   This Gilbarco is a dinosaur.  So am I but I have never seen one quite like this one.  It was very cold out that day.  In the teens.  For most people unbearable.  For me….just need a tissue to keep wiping my nose.  A lot to take in here.  A little tough to shoot.  Harsh mid day sun. But more problematic was the close proximity of all the dispensers.   If you critic my photos you know I hate clutter in a photograph.  Partially because I need more skills to make clutter look organized or at least acceptable in a photograph.

dispensers goodyear

I did not want to disappoint my associate.  He expects good things from my photography.  He is a high achiever himself.  Expects a lot from those around him.  He is an “old” man. (insert smiley face here :-D)  Has years under his belt. And knows what he wants.

I almost paid the price here.  While squeezing around all this antique stuff I turned a corner and was face to face with the county Sheriff.  I guess I looked like an antique thief at this point.  He mentioned that he had several calls from passer-by that saw me rummaging through the stuff.  I held up my camera and suggested that I was only taking pictures not stealing stuff.  Quickly my questions turned on him about the city.  Crime stats.  And thanking him for his service.  He wasn’t buying the nice guy stuff and asked that I leave.  Always say yes to that comment when coming from a gun toting public servant in a strange town.

Ended with a couple of fun shots and another story to tell.


Mr. K.I. this ones for you buddy.

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  1. Great pictures and story, Jim! It’s the ole easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission :-))). You did great!

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