Dec 162011

I work for a company called Maverik.

I am almost 57 years old.

Someone somewhere has to have done a study on how much time we spend at work.  Building, extending and nourishing our careers.  Let’s see a minimum of 8.5 hours a day.  A minimum of five days a week.  That’s about forty-two and a half hours a week.  Four weeks a month.  Now it’s up to 170 hours a month.  2040 hours a year…..and so it goes.  At an absolute minimum we spend 25% of our lives at task, being compensated and looking out for an organizations best interest.  At a minimum.  In some of our lives we have devoted up to 35-40 percent of our lives to grow another’s business.  Don’t think I am about to explode into a rampage about my most current employer.  Just a few opinions about relationships.



A family owned business.  In it’s third generation of family lineage overseeing the daily operations of the company.  Maverik is growing.  We are doing well as a company.  For some 13 or 14 years I have been compensated well.  Had offers from outside to make a change a few times.  Always said no.  And thank you.  What happens to corporations as they increase in size?  Add employees?  Become more and more top heavy?  What really happens?  The PEOPLE get lost in the big spreadsheets.  The bottom line looms greater than anything.  Company goals, mission statements and the like become routine without the human touch.  People soon have nicknames like guides, QA’s, customer advocates, etc.  What really makes companies successful.  Have long term success?  Enjoy street level compliments from it’s customers and peers?

It’s people.


We work in buildings made of steel, wood, brick, plastic and numerous other products.  Objects inside built by those residing within.  Thousands of warm bodies each with specific tasks to accomplish.  Some with perks.  Some without.  In the end every person plays a role in the success of the company.  Many very visual.  Most not.  Some empowering roles.  Most empowered.

As I near my so called Golden Years I have appreciated more the efforts of those empowered.  I work with the best team at Maverik.  Really.  We are at the bottom of the food chain.  My team knows that.  Yet they still look to each other to make each day more enjoyable than the day before.  They are self starters.  They all would drop anything to help each other.  Each day is different for them.  Great challenges and stressful tasks drive them.  I love these people.  They are my friends.  That’s why I stay at Maverik.


I will continue to laugh at the inaccuracies.  My time will be focused on my teams goals and efforts.  Their families will still be number 1!  And the bottom line…..well it will be just that a bottom line.  Nothing more.  But when I do walk from these responsibilities the bottom line will still be there.  Forever chased, studied, challenged and worshipped.  I will leave with friends and a knowledge that the PEOPLE at  Maverik are better  because of my team. And their desire to improve each other.  Knowing that people create the bottom line.  Happy, empowered, enthusiastic people grow the bottom line.

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  1. Jim, I just read your note (Jan 1st). I have been working at Maverik for 23 years. My most favorite memories from all the years I have been here come from the opportunity I have had to associate with many wonderful people who have crossed my path. You are a special man with many special gifts–creativity, determination, loyalty, a special eye for beauty among so many others. It has been a pleasure knowing you, admiring your passion for your work, and enjoying the beauty of the world that you capture in your wonderful photography. Thanks for the memories.

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