Dec 272011

I have finally finished my man cave.

Converted a bedroom.  Used to do all my photo editing in a closet.  This is real nice!

Even have a DESK!

I have been thinking a lot about the previous year (in my new man space).  2011 the year of……?  So much has happened.  Not one thing stands out.  A lot stands out.  One thing is for sure.  Everything I experienced this year that was notable, was in the company of another person.  Sure there is all the funny stories about my wierdism’s.  The moments I cherish from the past year I was not alone.  So many people have been a part of me.  A lending hand if you will.  I am blessed to have the friends, associates and family.  They have shaped and molded me.  My core will always be the same.  However, one of life’s rewards is growing and learning.  I am just very grateful for those that have shaped me with their hands……

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