Dec 302011

This lastWednesday I spent the day in Las Vegas.

I really hate Las Vegas!

Too Hot!

Impossible to get permitting!

And FREAKS everywhere……..

Right on the sidewalks of Las Vegas is a freak show!  Cotton Candy is this ones name.  Weirdo maybe more appropriate.   As tourists of Las Vegas walked by he would jump at them and make provocative gestures.    Some saw humor in his(?) antics.

Not sure who this person was impersonating.  I will tell you this though.  Whom ever he was trying to emulate did not smoke like this guy.  We never saw him without a cigarette.  At least I thought it was cigarettes……

Looks like the Grinch?  He would not let me photograph him.  He expected a tip before he would let me take photo.  A beggar of sorts.  It’s hard to hide from my camera.  Especially when firing away at eleven frames per second.  Just like the grinch, he is hoarding others cash.  See it in his left hand?

This “golden” cowboy was the exception to freakdom.  A blast to watch.  He held very still until you dropped money in his box.  After the money was dropped he would scream and dance.  Raised a few eyebrows.  And scared a few passerby’s.

His pose was very good.  Held real still.  Waiting for more income to drop.

The prize for best look alike went to this fake Captain Jack Sparrow.  Wasn’t positive this wasn’t the real Johnny Depp.  He was that good!

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