Dec 312011

Photographers are not photographing subjects.

We are photographing LIGHT.

While in hell….I mean Las Vegas, I saw this particular statue of Atlas holding up the world.  It was a “Kodak” moment.  The angle of the light to the statue was perfect.  The shapes and texture of the statue were enhanced by the angle of light.  It’s one of those times when a photographer is stopped in his/her tracks.  Getting the exposure was incredibly easy.  No specular reflections.  The whole statue was made of the same material.  The only question came when deciding on the composition.  That turned out to be easy.  Any composition other than what I shot had distracting objects in the photograph.  So as simple as the shot is, it is one of my favorites.  Not a big game shot.  Or a diving eagle.  But it surely is an incredible example of what a camera can capture.  White to black with the light gradations between.   Made my desktop pic…….

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