Jan 012012

It’s turning out to be a weird winter thus far.

No snow in the valley.  Yesterday it was almost 60 degrees.

And there is a White Faced Ibis still hanging out at the FBWR.  Saw him a few days ago and was surprised.  I am not an Ibis expert.  But it is the only one seen for a while.  Just like the White Egret recently photographed, (which is gone now) I wonder why the Ibis is hanging around.  They seen to fly and stay in groups.  I have posted several times photographs of these beautiful birds. They never disappoint my camera and screen when I get back.

The hunters where out and some would pass the small pond the Ibis was fishing in.  He would quickly get out and move away onto the ice closer the safety of the brush.  Made for a strange site for me personally.

He is a very proficient fisher…..

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