Jan 042012

With all the duck hunters at FBWR the ducks have ben looking for safe places to hang.

I have been watching a large group of male and female Mallards.  This morning I noticed a much smaller duck that I have not seen before.  A Green-Winged Teal.  Cute fella.

Much smaller than the florescent green headed Mallard.  This is the smallest North American dabbling duck. The breeding male has grey flanks and back, with a yellow rear end and a white-edged green speculum ( apart of the wing), obvious in flight or at rest. It has a chestnut head with a green eye patch. It is distinguished from drake Common Teals by a vertical white stripe on side of breast, the lack of both a horizontal white scapular stripe and the lack of thin buff lines on its head.  The only one at this pond today.  No mate.  Not even sure how many total may be passing through.  Just real glad to capture this one………

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  2 Responses to “Green-Winged Teal”

  1. What a neat picture of this little duck. It is a very cool picture and your description makes me really look at the picture and the colors. You have a amazing talent.

  2. This little duck is so cute! Great picture dad! 🙂

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